Welcome Builders.

Whether you are a professional builder, or are building your own home, we’re glad you’re here.

Tyree House Plans provides many builder services. Contact Us for more details about:

  • Discounts on multiple plan purchases.
  • Revisions to our house plans.
  • Site plans.
  • Extra Build Licenses for building a plan multiple times ($250 each).
  • Design Drawings for HOA submittals ($99 per house plan).
  • Licensed Artwork for Marketing ($125 per house plan).
    • THP branding to remain on images in final product.
    • THP provides floor plan(s) and rendered images of interior/exterior as available.
  • Builders with an excellent reputation may be eligible for advertising through the Tyree House Plans referral program. Contact us for more information.


Photos of Building Tyree House Plans.

Get A Vision

Design Models + Sketchup Viewer App Everyone is going crazy with AR (augmented reality), or Mixed Reality. Augmented or mixed, it's really fun. With our House Design Models, you can overlay our designs onto your property, using the camera on your phone. It's really...

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New Techy Stuff

We're diving into some new tech stuff to create immersive environments for our beautiful home designs. The software we're firing up combines a very real weather environment and lots of little touches that will make seeing our houses even more fun. Here's a...

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Dry in NC

It's a pivotal moment in construction. When your new home is dry and closed in, you can feel the actual size of the structure. You can stand indoors as it rains, and watch the water outside. You can take shelter from the heat of the day under the new...

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The Avenue House Plan is one of our most luxurious modern plans! With a Colossal kitchen and living area, you can cook and enjoy the scenery!🍽🌅 It has 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a 1/2 bath and a laundry room! and Its 3,429 square feet!😱 Get this Plan...

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The Owner plan is one of our newest Beach House Plans! With 3 bedrooms and four baths, it's a perfect house for a beach getaway! Get this House Plan today!! https://tyreehouseplans.com/shop/house-plans/beach-house-plans/owner/

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