We combined the Cypress and Verdigris plans to create a new design. The homeowner set the revised garage at an angle to the house, and selected a clean, white palette for the home finishes.

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Photos used with the permission of the homeowner..

Cypress. Perfect Anywhere.

Cypress. Groundbreaking in Atlanta, Georgia.

A beautiful version of the Cypress House Plan has just started in Atlanta.Look At Pictures. Photos used with permission. Stay connected with this build. Follow Us. instagramfacebookpinterestMake Your Cypress. Select your favorite modern house from the Verdigris...

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Drywall in North Carolina

The construction of the Verdigris and Cypress plan combination in North Carolina is progressing. Drywall and exterior finishes are being wrapped up.  

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Dryvit in NC

Dryvit stucco finish over Durock board on the Cypress & Verdigris combination in North Carolina.

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Durock in NC

The Durock in being installed on the exterior of the Cypress, being built in North Carolina.  

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Dry in NC

It's a pivotal moment in construction. When your new home is dry and closed in, you can feel the actual size of the structure. You can stand indoors as it rains, and watch the water outside. You can take shelter from the heat of the day under the new...

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