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Design Models + Sketchup Viewer App

Everyone is going crazy with AR (augmented reality), or Mixed Reality. Augmented or mixed, it’s really fun.

With our House Design Models, you can overlay our designs onto your property, using the camera on your phone. It’s really fun, and is a great way to get a vision for how your new THP design will look when it’s built.

First, download the app using the links below. The app is free, but it’s $9.99/yr to use the AR features.



Here’s how it works.

 Open the app and register/login.

Click on the cloud icon. Select Files On Device, and select any Sketchup file on your phone.

(If you’ve purchased one of our House Design Models, you can save the .skp file to the Files app on your iPhone.)

When the file opens, it should look like this.

Then click on the AR button to have your phone merge the model with the background, using your camera.

Once the model is open, you need to adjust the direction and size of the model, so it looks correct on your property. Here’s how you get the model ready to lock onto the background that you see through the camera.


  1. zoom with two fingers to set the model’s distance from you.
  2. drag with one finger to rotate the model.
  3. drag with two fingers to adjust the model up, down, left, right
  4. tap with one finger to lock to model to your environment.

Once the model is placed, you can walk around (and through) the actual model.