The construction of the Sarsaparilla House Plan in Decatur, Georgia is complete and furnished. This house was built by SL Enterprises.

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Photos used with the permission of Patrick Henderson.

Sarsaparilla. Perfect Anywhere.

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Hot Springs Sarsaparilla

Hot Springs Sarsaparilla Hot Springs, Arkansas has remained a destination for it's mineral waters and Ozark mountain setting. Nestled in the hills is a beautiful version of the Sarsaparilla House Plan.Look At Pictures.Photos used with the permission of the...

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Warm Modern in Redmond

We're very excited about this build of the Sarsaparilla House Plan in Redmond. The interiors are almost complete, and move-in day is coming soon.Look At Pictures. Photos used with the permission of the homeowner. Make Your Sarsaparilla. Select your favorite modern...

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Sarsaparilla. Finishes in Decatur, Georgia.

The exterior finishes are beginning to be applied on the Sarsaparilla in Decatur, Georgia. Inside the beltway, this beautiful modern home is taking shape. The Nichiha materials arrive on the job site this week, and the stucco is almost finished. Look At Pictures....

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Southern. Super-Cool. Sarsaparilla.

The Sarsaparilla House Plan in Atlanta is completing the dry-in process. The owner discussed the project, and here are some of his comments about the construction. We are going to go with a Nichiha board for the wood portion.  It carries a color warranty.   Which in...

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Sarsaparilla Framing in Atlanta

It's always awesome to see a Tyree House Plan come out of the ground. We create the ideas, and the builders do the incredible task of making our ideas real. During framing of a house, all the spaces and rooms are easier to visualize, and walking through the house...

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