Modern House Plans

Modern house plans have unique shapes and eye-catching finishes. The roof is often metal, or is flat with a parapet wall. Large windows and doors with a storefront look connect the inside to the outdoors.

Interiors are fun and functional. Rooms connect in unique ways and have very little trim work. Doorways are replaced with walls carefully placed to provide privacy between spaces. Stairs are open with glass or cable railings. In some designs, the stone or wood from the outside seems to flow through a window opening and continue on the interior wall, giving a connection from indoors to the world outside.

In a modern bath you’ll find tiled walls, wall-mounted cabinets, hidden drains, glass showers, and high windows to let in natural lighting.

Modern kitchens delight the true chef. Stainless steel, granite and concrete surfaces, commercial-type appliances, large multi-purpose sinks. Dramatic open entertaining spaces make the kitchen more like a beautiful restaurant in your home.

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