Devonshire House Plans - Perspective

Devonshire House Plan


4551 Square Feet
4 Bedrooms
3 Baths
1 Half Bath
Wood Framing
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The grand entry leads to foyer and dining room. The 2-story hall leads to the formal living room and verandah. The master suite is designed for the ultimate in luxury, and is wheelchair accessible with a roll-in shower, turn-around, and side-opening jetted tub. The suite has a dressing closet and private porch overlooking the swimming pool. On the right side of the house is the caterer’s kitchen, nook, family room with fireplace, porch, laundry, garage, and wheelchair ramp behind a decorative colonnade. The elevator and stairwell lead to the second floor lounge. This area is perfect for a second family room, or a place for your guests to relax in privacy, or conduct business. Also upstairs are three bedroom suites. Two suites feature porches overlooking the pool. Above the garage is the guest suite, featuring bath, closet, and wet bar. On the rear of the house, the double two story porches provide scenic outdoor viewing of the pool and gardens area.

The standard version of this plan is designed with a concrete slab on grade. The exterior walls are 2×6 wood framing. The roof is shingles over plywood deck, and pre-engineered wood trusses. The exterior is finished with brick and cedar shingles over the wall structure.

In 2004, this plan was featured in the Orlando Sentinel as Design of the Week.

58’ wide, 103’ deep and 30’ high.

10’ flat ceilings throughout

4,551 sq. feet of living space (2,470 first floor, 2,081 second floor)
1,374 sq. feet of additional space (803 porches, 571 garages)
5,925 sq. feet under roof

What’s Included

Floor Plans
Views of each floor, looking down from above. They show window and door locations, room dimensions, plumbing fixture locations, etc.

Exterior Elevations
Flat views of the outside of the house, looking at the front, left, rear and right.

Building Sections
Views of the building if you were to cut through it.

Foundation Plan
This plan shows the location of footings and concrete slabs.

Floor & Roof Layouts
This plan shows the outline of the floor truss systems, and slopes, valleys, ridges and hips on the roof.

Wall Section
A detailed view showing how the walls are assembled.

Electrical Plan
Outlets, switches, lights and fans are shown on the floor plan.

Details & Notes
Construction notes and typical details.

What’s Not Included

Revisions to the Plans
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Engineering & Engineer’s Stamp
The plans do not include engineering for a specific state, or an engineer’s stamp.

Material List
We recommend having a local material supplier or lumber yard generate a material list for you.

Cost Estimate
The price to build a home varies by state and country. We recommend that you show the plan to 3 or 4 builders where you are planning to build, and get thumbnail pricing from them. This will allow you to connect with builders, and move forward with your project easier.

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The PDF is a digital version of the plans which is easiest for printing and viewing. It contains all the pages of the plans in one file, and also shows all the colors and shadows. This file can be viewed on most computers without any additional software.

CAD (.dwg)

The CAD files are in .dwg format, which can be opened using AutoCAD, or other CAD programs. These files can also be viewed online using the AutoDesk Viewer.

Sketchup (.skp) & Layout (.layout)

The sketchup file is the 3d model of the house. This file can be viewed using the free version of Sketchup or Sketchup Mobile Viewer. The Layout file is the 2D drawings of the plans. These drawings are created in, and can be edited in Trimble Layout.


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