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I bought a house plan. Where can I download it?

Once you purchase a house plan on our website, we will email links for you to download the house plans. If you’ve purchased a plan, and haven’t received an email yet, please contact us.

Build Licenses

What is a build license? How do I activate my build license(s)?

With your house plan purchase, you are licensed to use our house plans to build (1) home. In order to activate this license you will need to enter the address where you are building.

Building Materials

Where can I get a list of the building materials needed to build my Tyree House Plan?

We recommend working directly with local building material suppliers (lumber yards). Most suppliers have an in-house estimator who can create a list of materials, with prices. They will need a copy of the house plan to complete this process.


Who do you recommend to use for windows and exterior doors?

We have had customers use many different brands. One of our favorites is PGT.


How much will it cost to build my Tyree House Plan?

The price to build a home varies by state and country. We recommend that you show the plan to 3 or 4 builders where you are planning to build, and get thumbnail pricing from them. This will allow you to connect with builders, and move forward with your project easier.

Search for your local Home Builder’s Association


Does my Tyree House Plan include structural engineering?

Our plans do not include engineering for a specific state, or an engineer’s stamp. This service needs to be provided by a local engineer, at the location where you are building.


Can you explain the differences in house styles?

View more about plan styles in our House Plan Styles article.

The Plans

What’s In A Tyree House Plan?

  • The Floor Plans are views of each floor, looking down from above. They show window and door locations, room dimensions, plumbing fixture locations, etc.
  • Exterior Elevations are flat views of the outside of the house, looking at the front, left, rear and right.
  • Building Sections show cutaway views of the home structure.
  • The Foundation Plan shows the location of footings and concrete slabs.
  • Floor & Roof Layouts show the outline of the floor truss systems, and slopes, valleys, ridges and hips on the roof.
  • The Wall Section is a detailed view showing how the walls are assembled.
  • The Electrical Plan shows the outlets, switches, lights and fans on the floor plan.
  • Construction Notes and typical Details.

View our What Is a House Plan article for more information.

File Formats

What is a PDF?

The PDF is a digital version of the plans which is easy to view and print. It contains all the pages of the plans and shows colors and shadows. The PDF can be printed on any printer or paper size, but most of our plans print best on 36″ x 24″ paper.

What is a CAD file?

We typically release the files in AutoCAD 2010, but can export other AutoCAD formats if needed. These drawings can be opened in AutoCAD or many other popular CAD programs.

What is a Sketchup Pro file?

A Sketchup Pro file can be opened in Layout, which is part of the Sketchup Pro bundle. It is the format that we use to create the drawings. It includes a copy of the Sketchup 3D model.

My engineer has AutoCAD, but I don’t. Can I open and view the CAD files too?

Yes. Our favorite free CAD viewer is eDrawings. It’s available for iOS, Mac and Windows. Click on the link below.

I didn’t get all three formats. How can I get the other formats?

Our house plans include PDF, CAD and Sketchup Pro formats. If you did not receive these formats when you purchased your plans, please contact us, and we will provide additional formats to you (as available) at no additional cost.

Printed Sets

I have my house plans in PDF, CAD and Layout formats. How do I print my drawings so I can just hand them to my builder?

Our favorite printer is Gill Reprographics in Atlanta, GA. You can contact them directly and have them print your house plans. They will ship them wherever you need.

Gill Reprographics

(404) 252-7775