The Floor Plan is a View of the House Looking Toward the Floor.

The most important part of a Tyree House Plan is the Floor Plan. The upper part of the house is removed, so you can only see the objects that are about four feet high and lower. The Floor Plan is shown in an isometric style, instead of perspective styling.

As you can see in the samples below, our eyes see everything in perspective view, but we use the simplicity of the isometric view in a set of house plans.

We use the isometric view because it looks flat.

view of a floor plan shown in perspective mode.

view of a floor plan shown in isometric mode.

Dimensions are Lines that Show Distance.

The isometric view of the floor shows the room layouts, door and window location, and other items in a way that we can dimension. Dimensions are lines which attach on both ends to the actual structure and show the distance between two points. Here is an example.

Diagonal Lines Help us See Better.

The floor plan cuts through the walls, and each wall is shown with two dark lines. We add diagonal lines to the walls to help your eyes easily see the difference between walls and other objects.

Circles and Hexagons.

We add symbols near each door and window. Door are labeled with a circle, and windows with a hexagon. Why do we label them this way? It’s tradition.

The symbols are references to the door and window schedule. On the schedule we list the size of the door or window, with more specific information that won’t fit directly on the floor plan.

a window marker

window schedule with sizes and details