Tyree House Plans Collections is divided up into specific plans that have certain plan options for you to browse through at your convenience.

If you are looking for Tyree House Plans that have an elevator, a gym, or an elevated floor plan, then browse the Tyree House Plans Collections to get to these desired plans quickly. If you need help, please contact us.

Front - Sweetwater Garage Plan
In our garage collection, we have a variety of garages that will give you a stunning place to shelter your outdoor possession.
Comstock Garage Plan by Tyree House Plans
Our home office plans offer you your own office space a few steps away from your home.
Comstock Garage Plan by Tyree House Plans
The Lubber’s Line Collection contains houses which combine Cape Cod with Low Country styles. These beach houses offer gentle entry stairs and porches, and relaxed interior spaces.
Rooftop - Grand Prairie House Plan by Tyree House Plans
Browse this collection of large modern houses, designed for luxury, and sought after by our clients in the Texas metros of Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.
Tallulah by Tyree House Plans
Guest house plans for wedding event centers, retreats, bed & breakfasts and resorts. One and two bedroom homes to pamper your guests in luxury.
Comstock Garage Plan by Tyree House Plans
Building the perfect investment home or vacation rental starts with the perfect Tyree House Plan design. It will appeal instantly to the potential customer, and will be even more satisfying when the customer sees the home in person.
Comstock Garage Plan by Tyree House Plans
At Tyree House Plans we can help make having a castle more of a reality, instead of a dream. Each of the Tyree House Plan Castles are designed to meet the modern needs of today, while meeting the needs to have beautifully designed structures that are distinct and from the past.
Comstock Garage Plan by Tyree House Plans
Inspired by the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia, our Lighthouse Collection showcases several free-standing towers and a main house with attached tower.
Comstock Garage Plan by Tyree House Plans
Let’s step back to the late 1800’s to get a glimpse of the style of the Shotgun House.
It was named from the way a shotgun was beautifully constructed; long and narrow. The Shotgun House is also long and narrow.
Rooftop - Buntline by Tyree House Plans
Presenting beach house plan which are designed for A1A in Florida. A1A is the highway which runs down the east coast of Florida, and passed through beautiful oceanfront locations, like Crescent Beach, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach.
Porch - Crescent by Tyree House Plans
Presenting beach house plans that are designed for 30A in Florida. 30A is a stretch of shoreline in the Florida panhandle, which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico.
Front - Seaside House Plan by Tyree House Plans.
Presenting beach house plans which are designed for the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks is a beautiful stretch of land on the eastern coast of North Carolina. It showcases miles of beach with dunes and lighthouses.
Pool - Guyot House Plan by Tyree House Plans
Many of our houses have featured videos showing a tour around and through the home. Browse these videos to see an in-depth look into these homes.
Comstock Garage Plan by Tyree House Plans
Browse our collection of house plans which include an elevator. Electric or hydraulic elevators included.
Front - Nashville by Tyree House Plans
This collection of ultra-narrow house plan includes plans which are under 20 feet in width, with many of the included plans at 13 feet in width. These ultra-narrow plans are designed for extremely thin and narrow properties, and include luxurious amenities in a compact space.