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  1. Dear Friends:
    We are today in Peru with a great boost of the economy and civil construction.
    There are large development projects at all levels
    We have more than 2000 km of beaches all along the coast of our country.
    For more than 2 years we have been studying coastal projects and very well fit in our expectations to build points of interest in various areas and better with lighthouses such as Mainmast Tower.
    We have acquired the plans of Kittes Lighthouse and Mainmast Tower. We are designing beach projects and we believe that your Beaufort Scale House design would be excellent as part of a series of beach houses within a condominium.
    We want to acquire the Beaufort Scale plans, and know if there is any discount for the purchase.
    Thank you very much for your attention

    • Carlos,
      Yes, we currently have a 25% discount on the Beaufort Scale plan. You can use the code CHRISTMAS at checkout for the discount.

      What other beachfront designs are you needing for your developments?


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