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We discuss everything from printed sets to structural engineering.

New Techy Stuff

We're diving into some new tech stuff to create immersive environments for our beautiful home designs. The software we're firing up combines a very real weather environment and lots of little touches that will make seeing our houses even more fun. Here's a...

December Sale

Merry Christmas! 31% off all our beautiful house plans. Valid December 1-31, 2017. Use coupon code 'fruitcake' at checkout.

Dry in NC

It's a pivotal moment in construction. When your new home is dry and closed in, you can feel the actual size of the structure. You can stand indoors as it rains, and watch the water outside. You can take shelter from the heat of the day under the new...

THP Favorite House Giveaway

Each week, through the end of August, we'll be giving away a $300 gift card toward any house plan purchase. 1. Follow us on Instagram 2. Tag a picture of your favorite Tyree House Plan with #THPFAVORITEHOUSE 3. Watch from August 14th - 28th to see weekly winners...


The Avenue House Plan is one of our most luxurious modern plans! With a Colossal kitchen and living area, you can cook and enjoy the scenery!🍽🌅 It has 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a 1/2 bath and a laundry room! and Its 3,429 square feet!😱 Get this Plan...


The Owner plan is one of our newest Beach House Plans! With 3 bedrooms and four baths, it's a perfect house for a beach getaway! Get this House Plan today!!

Free Sketchup for Mobile and Desktop

Our favorite program for creating beautiful houses is Sketchup. You can download a free version of the program for your desktop or mobile device. Sketchup Viewer for Mobile Sketchup Make for Desktop...

Dream Home 4 Mom!

We are having our Mothers Day Sale! Get your mom the farm house she's been dreaming of! Its $300.00 off any Farm House Plan! Sale runs through the 15th of May! Coupon code 'dreamhome4mom'! 

Landlubber Sale!!

The Landlubber Sale Ends today!! Get this handsome beach house plan  now! Ends tonight at midnight Central Time! 25% off the Landlubber Plan! Coupon code 'landlubber25'

Landlubber Sale!

Just two more days until our Landlubber Sale ends! Get this handsome beach house plan today! Sale ends May 10th! 25% off the landlubber beach house plan! Coupon code 'landlubber25'

Landlubber Sale!

We are having a sale on our most popular beach house plan the Landlubber!! The sale runs through the 10th of May! 25% percent off the Landlubber house plan! COUPON CODE 'landlubber25' #beachhouse #tyreehouseplans #beachhouseplans

Sketchup Pro

We've officially added the Sketchup Pro format to our CAD bundle. Sketchup Pro is an extremely creative and powerful architectural software bundle. All our drawings are created in this amazing software environment, and we are now making our original drawings available...