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Welcome Home

Your family and guests will enter Blackberry Blossom through either of the ground floor reception areas. Two commercial elevators (optional) and grand staircases lead to the upper level. This 8500 square foot house is carefully designed with separate...


The Avenue House Plan is one of our most luxurious modern plans! With a Colossal kitchen and living area, you can cook and enjoy the scenery!🍽🌅 It has 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a 1/2 bath and a laundry room! and Its 3,429 square feet!😱 Get this Plan...


The Owner plan is one of our newest Beach House Plans! With 3 bedrooms and four baths, it's a perfect house for a beach getaway! Get this House Plan today!!

Dream Home 4 Mom!

We are having our Mothers Day Sale! Get your mom the farm house she's been dreaming of! Its $300.00 off any Farm House Plan! Sale runs through the 15th of May! Coupon code 'dreamhome4mom'! 

Landlubber Sale!

We are having a sale on our most popular beach house plan the Landlubber!! The sale runs through the 10th of May! 25% percent off the Landlubber house plan! COUPON CODE 'landlubber25' #beachhouse #tyreehouseplans #beachhouseplans

Design Preview – Outlook

Here's a quick Design Preview of the Outlook (cantilevered balcony) and wrought iron railing system for our newest modern plan, Blackberry Blossom. We're currently detailing the kitchen cabinets and appliances. Passageway doors, furnishings for the bedrooms, and...

Design Preview – Reception

Since this year began, we've been creating a new modern house design. Our new modern design is the largest modern home we've ever designed. As you've come to expect from Tyree House Plans, it is not a traditional home. It's unique qualities will astound. Our home...

Sketchup Pro

We've officially added the Sketchup Pro format to our CAD bundle. Sketchup Pro is an extremely creative and powerful architectural software bundle. All our drawings are created in this amazing software environment, and we are now making our original drawings available...

Duke Castle Released

We've just released our sixth castle design. It's a two bedroom castle design with a generous upstairs terrace, stair towers, and lots of other cool goodies. The Duke castle will reshape your castle dreams.

Fall Photo Contest Winners

Finished & Furnished Home - $300 Gift Certificate This category is for photos of a Tyree House Plan that is complete and furnished. Photo content must show a Tyree House Plan after construction is finished. Most Complete Construction Sequence. - $200 Gift...

2016 Fall Photo Contest

Our 2016 Fall Photo Contest is here. Customers who have built a Tyree House Plan can submit pictures of the construction. All photo submissions should be sent to Photos will be judged in three categories. Finished & Furnished Home - $300...

Moving Into Skiatook

The big moment is here, and our customer in Ohio is moving into his build of the Skiatook plan. You'll notice that the house is bigger, and has a basement. The garage also has parking for three cars. We made these changes to the standard plan in order to meet the...

Trim Abilene

In reviewing our Abilene plan, we've adjusted this unusual house plan to fit on smaller lots. The patio stairs are redesigned and all landscape walls are removed. The overall length of the build is reduced by twenty feet, without reconfiguration of the interior spaces...

Skiatook Stair Stringer

Here's an update on the construction of the Skiatook House Plan in Columbus, Ohio. The plan was revised some from the original Skiatook design. The stair stringer has been installed, and the interior is being painted. Kitchen cabinets and fireplace are installed....