What Is A House Plan?

A house plan is a set of drawings that shows different views of a house design. The drawings include dimensions and notes that tell specifically how the home is to be built. A home builder uses these drawings to accurately build a home. Our sets of house plans include:

  • The Floor Plans are views of each floor, looking down from above. The plans show window and door locations, room dimensions and plumbing fixture locations.
  • Exterior Elevations are flat views of the outside of the house, looking at the front, left, rear and right.
  • Building Sections show cutaway views of the home structure.
  • The Foundation Plan shows the location of footings and concrete slabs.
  • Floor & Roof Layouts show the outline of the floor truss systems, and slopes, valleys, ridges and hips on the roof.
  • The Wall Section is a detailed view showing how the walls are assembled.
  • The Electrical Plan shows the outlets, switches, lights and fans on the floor plan.
  • Construction Notes and typical Details.

Read more about our House Plans in our Support Articles.

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