Customization Quote

Customization Quote


Add a PDF or JPG file of your notes and sketches. (Send multiple files or Dropbox/Google Drive invitations to

(max file size 1 GB)

Easy Three Step Process

1. Your Design Sketch

Using your notes, we will look over your requested changes and create a hand drawn design sketch, showing the proposed design solution. Our design team includes the lead designer who created the original house plan.

2. Your Project Timeline

We will add a project timeline, itemized quote for the cost, and a payment schedule. Your project notes will be sorted and added as well. All this information will be combined into a PDF quote, and emailed to you. Typically, you will receive the PDF in 2-3 business days. Click here to view a sample quote PDF.

3. Reviewing Your Quote

You will review the sketch, notes, timeline and pricing. If you need revisions to the quote, you can reply by email, and we will revise your quote to exactly match your needs.

Once we’ve completed the Customization Quote and you approve the design, you’re ready to move on to the Plan Customization. When you purchase the customization quote, there is no commitment to purchase the full set of plans.

Have Questions?
Contact our Customization Department at (865) 269-2611.

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“If you are looking for building or house plans… was AMAZING! I had several modifications and they took the time to clarify each of my intentions. The final plan that I was provided was detailed and complete with easy to read descriptions. I am so happy with the outcome, I am already looking to the next project…”

—Michael in Nevada