Sarsaparilla House Plan


Living Space: 5165 Square Feet
Bedrooms: 5 Bedrooms
Full Baths: 5 Baths
Half Baths: 1 Half Bath
Parking: 3 Parking Spaces
Construction: Wood Framing
Files Included: PDF, CAD (.dwg), Sketchup Pro (.layout)

Sarsaparilla House Plan is a large modern house with a central 2 story living space.

The entry walk steps across the reflecting pond. The main stair tower features structural stairs up to the second floor. Glass railings and stone interior finishes tie the interior to the exterior. The kitchen, gardening area and craft room are connected and provide a continuous work area. The master suite has separate his and hers closets and baths.


5165 Square Feet

First Floor 3020 s.f.
Second Floor 2145 s.f.
Porches 792 s.f.
Garages & Shop 1000 s.f.
Under Roof 6957 s.f.

5 Bedrooms

5.5 Baths

5 Full Baths
1 Half Bath

3 Parking Spaces

10 Foot Ceilings

22′ ceilings at living room
16′ ceilings at master bedroom
8′ ceilings at garage apartment

House Size

93′ wide
104′ deep
28′ high

First Floor

Second Floor

Foundation & Floor

The foundation is designed with a concrete slab on grade. The second floor is pre-engineered wood trusses.

Wall Structures

The exterior walls are 2x6 wood framing with R19 spray-foam insulation.

Roof Structure

The roof is standing-seam metal over a plywood deck, and pre-engineered wood trusses at a 3:12 pitch.

Exterior Finishes

The exterior is finished with stone, metal panels and wood siding over a waterproof barrier and wall sheathing.

What's In This House Plan.

  • Floor plans are views of each floor, looking down from above. The plans show window and door locations, room dimensions and plumbing fixture locations.
  • Exterior elevations are flat views of the outside of the house, looking at the front, left, rear and right.
  • Building sections show cutaway views of the home structure.
  • The foundation plan shows the location of footings and concrete slabs.
  • Floor & roof layouts show the outline of the floor truss systems, and slopes, valleys, ridges and hips on the roof.
  • The wall section is a detailed view showing how the walls are assembled.
  • The electrical plan shows the outlets, switches, lights and fans on the floor plan.
  • Construction notes and typical details.

For more information, view a Sample Set of Drawings.


Included File Formats.

  • PDF is a digital version of the plans which is easy to view and print. It contains all the pages of the plans and shows colors and shadows. The PDF can be printed on any printer or paper size, but most plans print best on 36″ x 24″ paper.
  • CAD files in AutoCAD 2010 format. We can export other AutoCAD formats if needed. These drawings can be opened in AutoCAD or many other popular CAD programs.
  • Sketchup Pro. The Sketchup Pro file can be opened in Layout, which is part of the Sketchup Pro bundle. It is the format that we use to create the drawings. It includes a copy of the Sketchup 3D model.


Build Photos

Hot Springs Sarsaparilla

Hot Springs Sarsaparilla Hot Springs, Arkansas has remained a destination for it's mineral waters and Ozark mountain setting. Nestled in the hills is a beautiful version of the Sarsaparilla House Plan.Look At Pictures.Photos used with the permission of the...

Warm Modern in Redmond

Sarsaparilla. Warm Modern in Redmond, Washington We're very excited about this build of the Sarsaparilla House Plan in Redmond. The interiors are almost complete, and move-in day is coming soon.Look At Pictures.Photos used with the permission of the homeowner.Make...

Sarsaparilla. Move-In Day in Decatur, Georgia

See Pictures.Make Your Sarsaparilla. Select your favorite modern house from the Sarsaparilla Collection.Sarsaparilla. Perfect Anywhere. Browse pictures of other Sarsaparilla builds.

Sarsaparilla. Finishes in Decatur, Georgia.

Stucco and Nichiha in Decatur, Georgia. The exterior finishes are beginning to be applied on the Sarsaparilla in Decatur, Georgia. Inside the beltway, this beautiful modern home is taking shape. The Nichiha materials arrive on the job site this week, and the stucco is...

Southern. Super-Cool. Sarsaparilla.

The Sarsaparilla House Plan in Atlanta is completing the dry-in process. The owner discussed the project, and here are some of his comments about the construction. We are going to go with a Nichiha board for the wood portion.  It carries a color warranty.   Which in...

Sarsaparilla Framing in Atlanta

It's always awesome to see a Tyree House Plan come out of the ground. We create the ideas, and the builders do the incredible task of making our ideas real. During framing of a house, all the spaces and rooms are easier to visualize, and walking through the house...

Two Sarsaparillas

Construction is progressing on two builds of the Sarsaparilla plan. Redmond, Washington Atlanta, Georgia

Ozark Sarsaparilla

The Sarsaparilla House Plan is being built in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The owner has shared pictures, and we're so excited to pass them on to you. Enjoy and read more about the Sarsaparilla House Plan.

Sarsaparilla in Hot Springs, AR

A new build of Sarsaparilla is going up in the heart of the Ozarks in Hot Springs, AR. View more about the Sarsaparilla plan.


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