work with our designers to make your house plan perfect.

Find your favorite house plan.
Talk to a designer. Tell us what you need changed. We’ll email or text a quote to you.
We edit the original design files for your house, and customize the house plan to be perfect for you, and your build location.
Then we send a new copy of the plan to you in PDF, CAD and Sketchup Pro formats. The whole process is super-easy and lots of fun.

Your house will be exactly what you’re wanting, and you’ll LOVE it more than ever.

some ideas

Doors & Windows

Add or remove windows and doors.

Ceilings Heights

Make ceilings taller or shorter.


Change foundation from slab to crawlspace or beach pilings.

Room Sizes

Make rooms larger or smaller.


Add or remove a room.


Change a bath or kitchen layout.

With your finger, you can draw a sketch to help explain the changes you need.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
If you have sketches or hand-written notes, take pictures with your phone, and attach them here.