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Toccoa House Plan


Toccoa is a wonderful little home that can meet so many needs for you or your family. With high ceilings and appropriate sized living areas that allow for just the right amount of comfort to give you the opportunity to rest and be inspired.

Here are some fantastic ideas that might inspire you for the uses that the Toccoa house plan offers:

  • Newlyweds (An adorable home to spend your first years together)
  • Small family (“Honey we’re having a baby!”)
  • Office or Meeting place (Perfect for collecting your thoughts)
  • Cabin (On the prairie or high in the mountains)
  • Beach cottage (A personal favorite)
  • Guest house (For your occasional reunions)

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Plan Specifications

Living Area (sq. ft.)


Parking Area (sq. ft.)


Under Roof Area (sq. ft.)




Width (feet)





9 foot vaulted ceilings throughout


The floor is a concrete slab., The exterior walls are 2×6 wood framing., The roof structure is wood rafters.

Doors & Windows

Modern doors and windows

Exterior Finishes

Concrete or Wood Lap Siding, Metal Railing, Standing Seam Metal Roof


Ductless air-conditioning system




, ,

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