Fargo House Plan

Fargo House Plan

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A modern carport home with living spaces on the upper floor. Standing in the kitchen, you can see and talk with family or guests in the living spaces. The covered parking and storage below are secured with garage door, and have an access to the interior stairwell.

Fairbanks House Plan is a version of this house with a carport. Kariboo House Plan is a smaller design.

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Plan Specifications



Width (feet)


35 feet



9 foot ceilings throughout


3 Parking Spaces


The foundation is a concrete stem wall, The floor is a concrete slab., The exterior walls are 2×6 wood framing., The upper floor is pre-engineered wood trusses., The roof is pre-engineered wood trusses., The roof pitch is 2:12

Doors & Windows

Modern doors and windows

Exterior Finishes

Stacked Stone, Standing Seam Metal Roof, Stucco


Traditional split air-conditioning system




Living Area (sq. ft.)


Parking Area (sq. ft.)


Under Roof Area (sq. ft.)


Comments & Reviews.

5 reviews for Fargo House Plan

  1. Rachele K.

    Do you have any images of this roof that I can submit to a design committee? All they see so far is a perfectly flat roof. I was told: “Roof Material: A conventional roof with a minimum pitch of five (5) inches of rise to one (1) foot of horizontal distance…is required, Roof & amp; eave overhang minimum 18 inches.” Can you translate “amp” and “hip roof shape” to me. Sorry, I am architecturally impaired.

    • Dan Tyree at Tyree House Plans

      This means a 5:12 pitch roof, and an 18″ overhang as a minimum. We will email an image to you of the roof. We can increase the pitch to 5:12 if needed for HOA or ARC approvals.

  2. gerald johnson

    its the perfect bachelor pad. not too big or too small..question??? — why does the wall on the far left of the garage so thick? does it hold pluming??

    • Dan Tyree at Tyree House Plans

      The left wall of the parking area is thickened for aesthetics. It’s not functional, and can be changed if needed.

  3. Rachele K.

    Do you have an image of the roof on the Fargo plan? What is the pitch?

    • Dan Tyree at Tyree House Plans

      The roof pitch is 2:12, and is a hip roof shape.

  4. Rachele Ketchem

    What is the pitch of the roof?

    • Dan Tyree at Tyree House Plans

      The roof pitch is 2:12

  5. gerald johnson

    very well done. fargo, black berry blossom, an more. are fit for a king.. very few designers do castles. wish you had more design videos. for such great works

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